Monday, April 12, 2010

Simplification Part One

I am feeling overwhelmed. I realize that I have overwhelmed myself so the good news is that I can do something about it. There is one main area of my life that can be addressed with tremendous results.
I will start with my habitual tv watching. I have always been a tv watcher, and I am certain it would frighten me to catalog the wasted hours in front of the tv, expecially when there "is nothing on" and I watch anyway. I think it started innocently enough. I moved to Nashville by myself to go to school and would leave the television on "for company" when I was alone in my apartment at night and in the morning. I was used to having people around so I turned to the television for comfort, and sound. By the time I got a roommate nine months later the habit was firmly in place, she was a television watcher also, and I have never stopped.

I made a list of the shows I simply cannot live without and realized that I spend A LOT of mindless time in front of the tv that could be applied elsewhere and significantly reduce my feeling of being overwhelmed.
I have made a vow to completely do away with reality tv. Except for Giuliana & Bill. I can totally live without the drama of The Batchelor, Celebrity Apprentice, and even American Idol, but I can't give up Giuliana & Bill. So reality tv is off the books. Whew! I can just imagine all the things I will accomplish by making this one choice alone! It's liberating! And besides, do any of us believe that it's truly "reality" tv?
I have reduced my tv watching to 4 total hours per week!

This will allow me to tackle my next area. Paperwork. But that's a blog unto itself.
What are some areas of your life that you know you are wasting huge blocks of time on non-productive activities? What action can you take today to free up some time and allocate it to achieving your goals and dreams?