Monday, April 12, 2010

Simplification Part One

I am feeling overwhelmed. I realize that I have overwhelmed myself so the good news is that I can do something about it. There is one main area of my life that can be addressed with tremendous results.
I will start with my habitual tv watching. I have always been a tv watcher, and I am certain it would frighten me to catalog the wasted hours in front of the tv, expecially when there "is nothing on" and I watch anyway. I think it started innocently enough. I moved to Nashville by myself to go to school and would leave the television on "for company" when I was alone in my apartment at night and in the morning. I was used to having people around so I turned to the television for comfort, and sound. By the time I got a roommate nine months later the habit was firmly in place, she was a television watcher also, and I have never stopped.

I made a list of the shows I simply cannot live without and realized that I spend A LOT of mindless time in front of the tv that could be applied elsewhere and significantly reduce my feeling of being overwhelmed.
I have made a vow to completely do away with reality tv. Except for Giuliana & Bill. I can totally live without the drama of The Batchelor, Celebrity Apprentice, and even American Idol, but I can't give up Giuliana & Bill. So reality tv is off the books. Whew! I can just imagine all the things I will accomplish by making this one choice alone! It's liberating! And besides, do any of us believe that it's truly "reality" tv?
I have reduced my tv watching to 4 total hours per week!

This will allow me to tackle my next area. Paperwork. But that's a blog unto itself.
What are some areas of your life that you know you are wasting huge blocks of time on non-productive activities? What action can you take today to free up some time and allocate it to achieving your goals and dreams?

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Lenten Season Goals

I was raised Free Will Baptist. We didn't recognize the Lenten season. My first experience with Lent was my college roommate, Treabele. Treabele was Catholic; on an ordinary Tuesday, or so I thought, she informed me we had to go to the 7/11 and get a Dr. Pepper. At 9:00 at night. I asked some question as to why and thus my education on Lent began. Back then it was giving up soda and chocolate, mostly I'm sure because Treabele had been to church with me and I am sure she understood the vast gap in our upbringing and how much ground there was to cover with me. As I have gotten older, I have learned more about the meaning and purpose behind Lent and have begun to put my own beliefs together about that purpose and how best to honor the season and the sacrifice for myself.

This year I have given a lot of thought to what I will give up and what I will choose to add in my life. I have designed a Lenten program for myself and I view this season as an opportunity to work on myself as a whole and not just give up my favorite foods for six weeks. I want lasting change. Consistent exercise, reading more, watching tv less, and spending time with the people I love, etc.
I want to be more like the person I think God wants me to be at the end of this 40 days. Connected to good friends, studying his Word and drawing closer to him, and using my gifts for good. Let's face it, my gifts aren't well used sitting on the couch watching the Bachelor.

What will you choose to do this season if anything? How do you view the Lenten season in the scope of your spiritual development?